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Stay in touch with the community during the coronavirus lockdown. Add more public information to the map to help keeping everyone healthy. Please also visit the official Muizenberg-CAN website for all important information.

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What do I see on this map?

Since the complete lockdown in South Africa on 27 March 2020, offering petcare, childcare and other service such as "I am happy to shop for you" suddenly became illegal. or strongly regulated. Some service categories had to be removed from the map.

This is why many of the services offered by the community had to be removed from the map you see above. If you are a registered company who is allowed to delivery food or healtcare services, please still feel free to add your contact details to the map.

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How can I delete myself from the app?

Write me an email to marc.fehr@gmail.com. Otherwise, all your data will be automatically deleted once this map is not being needed anymore.