You've got some useful information to share?
Stay safe, help where you can and keep your mental hygiene up. Thanks for sharing your information in the interactive map below.

This is how it works

Choose a place on the map where you want the information to appear. You'll be asked to provide us with information about your entry before you can send it off. I am going to check all entries manually. Once your entry is approved, you'll see it on the map.

Add new information

Choose a position on the map within the community boundaries to become part of Who'zinberg.

What's happening to my data?

Who'zinberg administrators will check your entry and add it to the interactive map once they gave their approval. This does usually take less than 24 hours.

Which kind of entries will be approved?

Everyone can become part of the Who'zinberg community. Please make sure that you only provide information or services that are allowed in the official Government Gazette (click to download).

How can I remove my data?

If you want to be deleted from the Who'zinberg map, write me an email to marc.fehr@gmail.com

Anything I can improve?

This tool is supposed to be used, why I am constantly looking for constructive feedback. If you have anything that you think would make this all better, please let me know via email .

Why only Muizenberg?

Because at the moment, we all need to keep our lifes as local and isolated as possible. If you want this service to be available in your area, read my Medium post to get a step-by-step tutorial about the whole project.