The Community Isolation Map for Muizenberg
Stay safe and stick to the rules. Get informed properly. Don't share any fake information.
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What is Who'zinberg?

Who’zinberg is a platform for linking volunteers in the community with people in need of assistance, especially the most vulnerable.

One of the most important things you can do is inform yourself about the coronavirus. To learn about how to keep yourself and loved ones safe, and who to call if you need help, please visit the official Muizenberg-CAN website.

Stay safe, everyone!

Spread maps, not viruses

Learn more about how to create your own community map in my medium post here.

A big thanks to the open source community – for adapting this project for their local neighbourhoods. Check out these amazing projects:

St.Gallen hilft https://www.helfen.sg/

Zizers hilft! https://zizers-hilft.netlify.com/

Zäme starch https://zaemestarch.ch/

Chur hilft Chur https://churhilftchur.ch/